The bar type cakes are quickly growing in popularity and come in many creative variations. Learn how a large cake producer established a new line with new bar cake applications optimised for best possible profit and market growth.


One of the largest industrial confectionery and biscuit producers in the Middle East starts production of bar cakes. A new complete continuous production solution to produce dual batter and dual pasteurized cream was obtained and Bakels Aromatic was asked to assist in the development of the different bar cake applications.

The biscuit producer needed guidance in the application development from a very early stage, since they had no previous experience in cake production. Seven different bar cakes and three different fillings, of which one could be combined with a variety of colours and flavours, were requested. The cakes needed to have a shelf life of 6-12 months and be single packed. Most important aspects were eating quality in relation to shelf life and cost effectiveness.


After defining shapes and dimensions, like pieces/hour, weight of the cake, filling and coating, an application specialist from the Bakels Aromatic Technical Competence Centre developed formulations for the best cake batters and the right water based pasteurized fillings. This development work has been made in close cooperation with the customer and the machine supplier.

The greatest challenge in the project was to achieve a safe product in terms of microbiology and to obtain a nice and soft texture during the whole storage time.

The vast experience of Bakels Aromatic made it possible to develop all needed recipes with correct properties such as prolonged cake softness by reducing the starch re-crystallization. Moreover, the right ingredients and processes were selected to reduce the drying of the cake (decrease the moisture migration process). Microbiological growth was prevented by adjusting the water activity and pH of the cake. All these factors guaranteed the requested shelf life.


The Bakels Aromatic Technical Competence Centre and the R&D-team at the machine supplier together assisted the cake producer with sourcing of the right ingredients by looking at several aspects like pricing, quality, local availability and more. In close collaboration between the three parties satisfactory new applications have been developed and we have addressed the following topics:
– general recipe development
– ingredient functionality (key and minor ingredients)
– overall processing such as mixing, continuous aeration, crystallization, baking and cooling

The cake producer now has great possibilities to increase sales and market growth.