Bakels acquired the Aromatic range in 2011. Since then the range has been expanded, the technical support available increased and the territories supplied extended.

The Aromatic range comprises over 200 ingredients and is particularly strong in products adding volume, softness and freshness in soft cakes. It also includes products for release, flavour and appearance. Many products have a long track record, having been trusted by bakers since the 50s, and have grown to become some of the strongest products on the market.

Four product groups

The four major product groups in the range are emulsifiers, freshness enhancers, release agents and flavours. Many bakers choose to combine several products for synergies in performance, production efficiency and logistics. Products are available in different versions, adapted for various market requirements and legislation. In response to current consumer trends you will now find in the assortment palm-free and sustainable alternatives, plus cleaner label and halal and kosher certified products.


Arogel is a premium range of cake gels that produce beautiful looking cakes with high volume and improved fresh keeping. The range also ensures reliable production and consistent baking quality. Used worldwide for many decades, the range continues to give impressive results. Available now as palm-free the most widely used products in this group are Jilk 60 and Colco.

Freshness extenders

Arofresh is a range of powerful shelf life improvers in liquid form that keep cakes fresh and make them safe against mould. With fine quality, long-lasting freshness and delicious flavour in mind, this range satisfies high consumer expectations. A lower pH-level makes the Arofresh liquid range far more effective than powder alternatives. The most widely used products are K2000 and GL24.

Release agents

Bandex is a range of high-quality releasing agents designed to achieve a clean release of bread, cake and pastry from bands, trays and tins. An efficient release reduces the risk of production delays, product loss and rejects on the production line. Bandex is formulated without water to eliminate risk of corrosion. It is also cost-effective thanks to the small dosage required. Available in liquid or spray form.


First-class natural flavours for a pure, rich and natural taste in baking, confectionery and desserts. By combining the treasures of nature and a passion for flavours, this range opens up new taste sensations. Many flavours are available with and without colour, based on the same basic recipe. The range covers the categories fruit & berries, citrus, spice, nuts & beans and liquor. For bakeries with a large scale production, the more concentrated flavour range Aropro is recommended.

Aromatic applications

Aromatic products can be used in all types of soft cakes, such as pound cake, sponge cake, muffins, layer cake, Swiss rolls, madeleines, twinkies and many more. There is also a range of products for baking powder based applications, for example, sweet dough, croissants, panettone, brioche, grissini, rusks and cookies.