Bakels Aromatic was one of the very first to launch a range of alpha-gel emulsifiers, stabilisers and release agents made entirely free from palm oil. The range was developed to address consumer concern regarding the environmental impact of palm oil production, while allowing cake producers to broaden their product ranges with palm-free alternatives.

The star product in the range is Jilk PF, a palm-free version of Bakels Aromatic’s popular alpha-gel emulsifier, Jilk. Among the palm free products are also Dorothy PF – a stabiliser for soft cakes, Bakesoft PF – a bread improver, the enzyme solution Arozyme and two release agents. The palm free range was launched 2015/16 and soon proved good results from market tests around in Europe.

Approved by multinational producers

The first success story came from a Scandinavian based international bread producer replacing  the Bakels Aromatic bread improver Driv with Bakesoft PF. The same good quality was achieved in the finished product, it had a fine crispy crust, and a more pliable dough texture which in turn helped facilitate the automated production process.

Soon after that, one of France’s largest high quality soft cake manufacturers incorporated Jilk PF in their production of madeleines. This was followed by a multinational producer headquartered in Italy. Here Jilk PF is used in layer cake production with the same strong result with regards to volume, softness and production stability.

Years of experience of palm free solutions

These major multinational manufacturers have lead the way in terms of modern baking. With focus on clean label and palm free production, they drive development towards a more sustainable production and a reduction in additives. Bakels Aromatic have had the opportunity at a very early stage to contribute to key developments within the baking industry and can already claim several years of experience from producing and implementing palm free solutions.

Unique pumpable solution

What really sets Jilk PF apart from competitors is not just its high monoglyceride content, but its pumpability. Bakels Aromatic is now testing Jilk PF in a unique smart and flexible container called fluid-bag. Its pumpable quality means that with minimal manual intervention it is efficiently applied to any production process, and the fluid-bag container ensures protection and product integrity during transportation and storage. Efficient disposal results in minimal wastage and, being fully recyclable, minimises environmental impact and container disposal costs.