Swedish baking represents the perfect mix of preserving traditions with looking to the future with sustainable growing practices and a culture of mainstreaming healthy options. We have gathered our favourite Swedish recipes in a brand-new recipe collection.

The recipes hold traditional flavours and many all-natural and organic ingredients. Nordic berries such as lingonberry, cloudberry, sea buckthorn and cranberry, bring a Scandinavian touch to the cakes and an exotic Nordic impression.

The cakes also contain oriental spices like saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and clove. They are all common ingredients in Swedish baking to the level of almost being considered local flavours. The spices have been used in the north since the 13th century and is today commonly used in baking during winter time.

Swedish baking in modern time is also closely connected to the Swedish concept “Fika”. This is the Swedish word for a coffee break enjoyed with something to eat. What is essential is not just coffee. It’s what goes with it.

The recipe collection “A taste of Swedish Winter” holds eight Fika recipes so you can take your coffee break like a Swede!