Our Baking Center is an innovative hub where new products and ideas are developed every day. The Baking Center also provides an exclusive facility for customers to work in partnership with our team of application specialists and food technologists, which is an important element of our customer service.

The Baking Center consists of three fully equipped test bakeries and a laboratory for testing and developing products. The bakeries are equipped with various deck ovens, rack ovens, different types of mixers, dough dividers and reflecting our centre of competence (Cake Gels), we also have a pilot scale continuos aerating mixing machine, enabling concept trials that simulate an industrial cake line. The laboratory give us the opportunity to characterize products properties both in terms of food safety and sensory properties. Several production lines and a lot of different products require a broad knowledge of processes, raw materials and chemistry. This understanding creates several positive synergies when it comes to product development. On the whole this makes us at Bakels Sweden equipped to solve all our customers’ challenges in baking.

A large meeting/conference room connected to the bakery, allows for a flexible set-up for a demonstration/education area. The Baking Center can accommodate up to 50 people and with the latest IT equipment, video conferencing can be carried out in the most professional and modern manner.

The Baking Center at Bakels Sweden is well planned, with open and bright rooms and therefore it is easy to keep clean, which means we can maintain a good hygiene standard, even if there are a lot of people in the area. The bright and open inviting feeling really encourages innovation and new ideas.