During the autumn, Bakels Sweden implemented a new streamlined organization. Part of the reorganization was to merge the two Swedish sales teams into one team, that will serve all customers in the Swedish market. Through the new organization, structures are flattened and Bakel’s customers meet the right skills already at the very first meeting.

The new constellation is led by Staffan Olsson as Sales Manager Sweden. Staffan has previously been responsible for a part of Bakel’s Swedish sales organization and is well known in the industry. He has worked at the company for 19 years, has a master’s degree in both the bakery and confectionery profession and over 37 years of experience. The Swedish team in addition to Staffan consists of three Area Sales Manager / Technical Sales: Ted Stark, Jimmy Baunsgaard and Peter Bengtsson. All three with solid experience in the bakery industry and Bakel’s and Aromatic’s products. The new sales force is now heading for a visiting costumer tour and looks forward to meet all customers and colleagues in the industry.