Eye-catching & Insta-Worthy
Doughnuts De Luxe

We see a huge trend towards decorated and Insta-worthy doughnuts. Creativity has no limits amongst the ’doughnutteries’ and specialised pop-up doughnut boutiques opening up all around us. 

Use the doughnut like a blank canvas and let the creativity flow. With the ability to decorate, top, dip and fill them with just about anything, you can easily create new photogenic, mouth watering combinations.

The doughnut is never out of season, we believe this is a trend that is here to stay, an eye-catching and taste appealing movement. The opportunities are endless, twin packs, boxes of twelve, seasonal packs, share in the office or at home with family and friends. Doughnuts will keep attracting the Insta-savvy consumer again and again.

For the perfect doughnut with a golden surface, a soft and fluffy texture and an impressive height, you need a really good dough. This is exactly what you will get with the quick and easy-to-use Bakels Berliner Mix. The mix is also perfect for baking a delicious classic Berliner Bun. 

With Bakels Berliner Mix, you only need to add eggs, yeast and water to make the perfect doughnut with the famous bright border which is the signum for a high quality doughnut. The mix gives you the same consistent quality every time. 

Follow the trend!

Be inspired to create masterpieces

Bakels has all you need to decorate, dip, top and fill your doughnuts. We have developed a batch of inspirational recipes to show you how to add an extra touch to your doughnuts, with Bakels products you already use.